Základní škola Kravaře


Základní škola Kravaře (Elementary school in Kravaře) is situated in the historical region of Silesia in the Czech Republic. This area is typical of characteristic dialect, folk costumes and customs.
Kravaře is a town in Silesia. It has about 6,650 inhabitants. It is located between Ostrava and Opava. It is a part of the “Hlučínsko” micro-region.



The school is a public institution. An integral part of school is school club (for afternoon leisure and cultural activities) and a school canteen. There are approximately 450 children (aged 6-15). The school is run by about 30 teachers, 8 canteen workers and 8 people work in the technical background of school. Teaching takes place according to the school educational program (curriculum) "School for Life".

Education at school consists of nine grades - the first stage: grades 1-5, the second stage: grades 6-9. Besides compulsory subjects, students can choose optional subjects (sports, arts, singing choir, religious education).  There are regular classrooms, multimedia classrooms, an ICT classroom, a training kitchen, a workshop, two gymnasiums and a multifunctional sports ground.


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